Educational Consultants and College Planning in Austin and Dallas, Texas
Academic Answers has established a reputation for its thoroughness, professionalism, attention to detail and always putting our clients first.
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Our Educational Professionals

Carolyn Kocurek Carolyn Kocurek
President/Educational Consultant

Carolyn Kocurek is the Founder of Academic Answers and a lead educational consultant. Over the past two decades, she has spent her professional life in the fields of educational consulting and behavioral healthcare for struggling teenagers.   read more -->
Chris Kocurek Chris Kocurek, M.Ed.
Chief Executive Officer/Educational Consultant

Chris Kocurek, M.Ed. is the Chief Executive Officer and a lead educational consultant of Academic Answers. He has over 20 years of experience in the education and behavioral health fields.  
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Scott Canter Scott Canter
Therapeutic and Educational Consultant/Partner- Dallas Office

Scott Canter has over 20 years experience helping families with underachieving students. In 1987 Scott began working with at-risk teenagers as a counselor and teacher at the CEDU School. In 1995 Scott joined a therapeutic boarding school as Director of Admissions. He then served Aspen Achievement Academy and Aspen Ranch in admissions prior to becoming Director of Admissions at the Second Nature Wilderness Program in 1999. Since then Scott served as National Director of Admissions for Aspen Education Group's Outdoor Division, supervising the admissions offices of 10 outdoor behavioral healthcare programs. Scott's expertise provides families with an unmatched knowledge and understanding of how special needs schools and treatment programs work to help at-risk youth. A husband and father, raising children three children, Scott is passionately committed to assisting parents with struggling youth in reuniting their families.

Henry B. Ewert Henry B. Ewert, M.A.
College Planning Consultant

Hank Ewert was a member of the faculty of St. Stephen's School, a private day and boarding school, from 1975 until 2005, serving as a college counselor for twenty-six years and as Director of College Counseling for twenty-two.   read more -->
Shay Butts, M.S., LMFT Shay Butts
Therapeutic and Educational Consultant

Shay Butts is a lead consultant with Academic Answers, specializing in educational and therapeutic placements.
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Richard Ribb Richard Ribb, Ph.D.
Achievement Consultant

Richard Ribb, PhD., is a lead consultant with Academic Answers and College Guidance Associates, specializing in advising students and their families on achieving academic and/or personal goals.
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Debbie Hopper Debbie Hopper, RD
Therapeutic and Educational Consultant

Debbie Hopper, RD, is a lead consultant with Academic Answers specializing in working with parents. She guides families in exploring options that will lead their children to a path of success.
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Hope VanDyk Hope VanDyk
Therapeutic and Educational Consultant

Hope VanDyk is a lead therapeutic & educational consultant with Academic Answers in our Austin office. Hope specializes in working with parents to facilitate a process that explores options to lead their children to a path of success.
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Shannon DeVilbiss Shannon DeVilbiss
Therapeutic and Educational Consultant

Shannon DeVilbiss is a lead consultant with Academic Answers, specializing in educational and therapeutic placements. Shannon works directly with parents to facilitate a process that identifies solutions toward the best environment for their child's success.
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Brian Taylor Brian Taylor
College Counselor

Brian Taylor is a college counselor with Academic Answers in our Dallas Office. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies from The University of Texas at Austin.
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Heather Hoskins Heather Hoskins, M.Ed., SLP-A
Director of Academic Services

Heather Hoskins, M.Ed. SLP-A is Director of Academic Services with Academic Answers. Heather works directly with parents and our personal learning coaches...
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Our Educational Professionals
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